JDE ROCKET provides several tools that are missing in Oracle EnterpriseOne installations. These tools significantly improve the performance of developers and allow to decrease the costs for implementation or upgrade.

JDE ROCKET is an external program that may be used on an EnterpriseOne fat client. JDE ROCKET uses the connection of Solution Explorer to access the system, the work with it is extremely easy and no installation nor setup is necessary. Just copy the program to the fat client, start it and it is immediately ready to work with.

The program contains the following tools and more are coming:

Copy NER (Named Event Rule)

In OMW (Object Management Workbench) a developer can copy many different types of objects but not NERs. Sometimes, this would be extremely useful but there is no workaround. JDE ROCKET provides a simple solution - just specify the source and the target object name and function name and the NER will be copied in a few seconds. As a target you may specify a brand new object name as well as existing NER - in such a case the tool will append the copied function into the object. The tool also supports changing the library name as well as copying the data structure to a new object.

Copy versions between JDE objects

Jde Rocket can copy versions across objects (UBEs or APPLs). It assumes that the target object was created as a copy of the source object but theoretically it doesn't have to be the case. It copies data selections and sequencings, PO values, ER overrides etc. During the copy the tool tries to change the variables (PO, RI) so that everything works under the new object.

Copy APPL or UBE Event Rules to NER

Have you ever developed a complex logic in an application or a report and later realized that
  • the performance is not as good as expected
  • the same logic needs to be reused elsewhere
  • the logic in the standard object is overwritten by an applied ESU/ASU
There is an easy solution - transfer the logic to a NER. Specify the object name, the Event Rule with the starting and ending line number and the target NER. After copying the logic the work is almost done, you only need to remove the logic from the APPL or UBE, add the function call and review the variables in NER. This functionality is just being developed.


Jde Rocket is compatible with all the unicode versions of EnterpriseOne. It has been tested on E8.12, E9.0 and E9.1.


Do you need to browse the jdedebug.log file but having difficulties with its size or understanding the content? Try JdeAnalyzer tool, for more information click here.