Statements and Declarations in EnterpriseOne

A reporting tool (native JDE EnterpriseOne solution) that can produce a report just based on a setup of a user, it is mainly used for different types of statements, cash flow reports, reports generated for revenue authorities etc. The report has only 2 columns, one contains the description and the other one contains the value. Each value of a report can be based on any table or business view in EntepriseOne, the tool is extremely efficient and fast.

Setup of the report is very easy, rows are defined by row definition, based on the defintion the tool performs appropriate calculation and presents the value formatted (based on the setup). The same happens for all the rows which results in the calculated report.


  • unlimited number of reports, all dividable into groups
  • unlimited number of rows
  • many available functions to calculate balance, year-to-date balance, inception to date, accumulation of a value, excel-like IF function, UDC retrieval, translations, trimming of texts, also algebraic operators supported
  • data selection definition easy to use (similar to standard JDE data selections)
  • consolidation of several companies supported
  • drill-down view - see all records used to calculate a value
  • exit to any form in the EnterpriseOne system from the drill-down line (based on the setup)
  • supports translation of all the texts to unlimited number of languages
  • several types of formatting of calculated values (for example you may round to thousands or format a date)
  • manual adjustment of the calculated values possible
  • online or offline calculation of the report values (online is calculated immediately, offline by a submitted batch)
  • support of additional constants that may be used in the report
  • user rights (to edit, view, run report)
  • export/import of setup to an external file supported
  • compatible with EnterpriseOne 8.10+
  • this tool was developed in cooperation with JDExperts Poland, to get more information, please contact their office